Sample of Scenes

She didn’t respond as she stepped behind him. Carefully avoiding the images on the screen, she placed her hand on the base of his neck. His muscles jumped beneath her fingers before he stiffened.

“What are you doing?” he whispered.

Taking control of her life for now. She’d wanted him since the moment she’d first laid eyes on him at the beach and, dammit, she was going to have him. And it was going to be good. She would make sure of it.

Her other hand joined the first and she rubbed her fingers on both sides of his neck, seeking to ease the tension beneath his warm skin. He leaned back a little, not facing her, his hands dropping from the keyboard to the top of his thighs.

“Miss Haynes, really, we shouldn’t be doing something like…”

He stopped talking when she leaned down and kissed her way along the back of his neck. Good. She didn’t want talking. She wanted to erase the memories of the last forty-eight hours. The Iceman, the gun fights, the thumb drive, all of it. If she didn’t get it out of her head for at least a little while, she’d go mad.

She looped an arm around the front of his magnificent chest as she continued kissing and nibbling his neck. Her hand slid lower, skimming across those washboard abs she’d glimpsed earlier, his muscles tightening in response to her touch. She dropped her hand even lower, and Reeve covered it with his own, halting her inquisitive progress.

Sliding the chair back, he rose and turned to face her. She shivered at the intensity in his eyes. They’d turned an even deeper blue, a midnight sky that blanketed out all the ugliness invading her life. She leaned in, and he seized her about the waist, pulling her hips against his. The evidence of his arousal sent heat rocketing through her, furthering her determination. She wanted this. She wanted him. Now.

“Reeve,” she whispered. He didn’t let her say more, claiming her mouth for a searing kiss. Her body seemed to float upward as the pure male scent of him filled her head. His hands roved up and down her back, blazing a sizzling path for her desire to follow. She ran her fingers from his shoulders to his waist before sliding them under his shirt, relishing the feel of hot skin and hard muscle.

Reeve broke the kiss, but before she could protest, he hoisted her up by her hips. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he strode to the guest room. Still locked together, they fell to the mattress. He buried his face in her neck, and starbursts of delight ricocheted through her as he worked his way back to her face with maddening little kisses. His hands slid under her shirt and found their way to her breasts as his lips closed over her mouth. His thumbs on her nipples sent her pulse into overdrive.

This time Jessie broke the kiss so she could pull off her shirt. Reeve took the opportunity to remove his own shirt, flinging it across the room before taking hers from her hands and giving it the same treatment. He bent down, taking a nipple into his mouth, and a fire exploded in the pit of her stomach, its scorching heat consuming her from head to toe. She thrashed beneath him like a wild thing as he let go of one nipple only to lavish the same attention on the other.

She clutched at his hair, whimpering with pleasure as he licked and teased her breasts. His hands found the snap of her jeans, and she lifted her hips as he slid them down her legs. Her panties followed, and he cupped his hands underneath her backside, pressing her closer to his hips. The sensation of his arousal through his jeans sent her to new heights, and she knew she couldn’t wait much longer to get him naked and inside her. Hell, she wouldn’t wait, not one more minute.

She reached down and unsnapped his jeans, pleased when he quickly stood up and shucked them off, removing his wallet before tossing them aside. Producing a condom from the wallet, he quickly covered himself and returned to her, entering her in one smooth motion. She grabbed his shoulders and snaked her legs around the back of his.

He held still, stretching her, filling her. His eyes locked on hers, and in them she saw the same need that had driven her to this in the first place. That need to forget, that desperate desire to prove they had the power to create good no matter how hard outside forces worked to create evil.

Seeking the perfect rhythm, they moved slowly at first, deeply, thoroughly, savoring every movement, treasuring every kiss. But their passion built with each thrust and soon their motions reached a frenetic pace, faster, harder. Jessie abandoned herself to his touch as delicious pressure mounted inside her, her mind filled with nothing but the organic, primitive instinct of their bodies and the pleasure they incited. A powerful climax possessed her, ripping a mewling cry from her throat. The muscles in his arms and shoulders tightened as he plunged into her with a final thrust, a low, wordless cry accompanying his release.

He collapsed on top of her and slid off to the side, pulling her close against his chest as they sought to catch their breath. She hugged him back, still craving the physical contact, the reassurance of his large, powerful body. She wrapped her legs around him, needing to touch as much of her body to his as she could.

If it were at all possible, she would have climbed inside his skin.