Being that they are romantic suspense, my books, as you may already imagine, have a body count. The manner in which those bodies pile up varies from book to book. There are also some themes that may be disturbing to some readers. My intention as an author is to entertain, never to harm. Therefore I am alphabetically listing content that may be disturbing here so that those who prefer to know this sort of thing before-hand can determine if my stories are right for them. I would never want to inadvertently harm a reader, and would rather they never read my books than suffer because of them. If you have already read any of my books and believe there is something I should ad to the list, please contact me at Thank you.

Animals: There are no animal deaths in my stories, but there is an instance where one is injured.

Children: No young children are harmed, but there are some instances where their safety and well being are threatened.

Gun Violence: There are no gratuitous gun battles, but my lead characters do carry guns and occasionally need to use them – sometimes lethally – when defending themselves or others. There are no depictions or discussions of mass shootings.

Parental Grief: There are storylines where parents lose their teenaged children due to drugs and violence. The manner of death is discussed but not in any kind of gory detail. Their reaction in the aftermath/continuing grief. is depicted. These scenes are rare.

Sexual Assault/Violence Against Women: A recurring theme in my books is that of violence against women and girls (late-teens and older). While some scenes come fairly close, there is no sexual assault actually depicted on the page, but it is discussed and the reader will know women were raped and/or brutalized. There is some violence against women depicted on the page, but these scenes are rare. NOTE: Some of my lead characters are women whose job as investigators/bodyguards puts them in positions where they will be involved in physical fights with the bad guys. These women give as good as they get, and those fights will appear on the page.

Suicide: There is an instance of suicide that happens on the page. It is a spur of the moment act by a villain with mental health issues/past trauma of their own. While its emotional repercussions on other characters are discussed afterward, the actual depiction of the act is quite brief.